Saturday, 23 March 2013

Firmware 4.40 cracked in hours - New PS3 Jailbreak news

Within hours of the latest firmware version 4.40 rolling out worldwide for the PS3 hackers claimed to have once again cracked the console open.  Early unconfirmed sources are showing videos of a fully updated PS3 on 4.40 running backups online with no problems.  It would appear that this is again a simple PUP file to download and install as custom firmware on the PS3 so not a real PS3 Jailbreak like the original consoles.  More a case of modified firmware really no doubt made possible through the recent release of the lvl 0 keys.  Whatever the technicalities its recommended that if you are thinking of jailbreaking your PS3 then this is the time to go for it before Sony close the loop hole like they have done so many times in the past.

But PS3 CFW user beware.  Something many of the the PS3 Hack sites do not tell you is the risk of being banned when going online with Custom Firmware.  There are a number of ways you can be banned.  You may receive an account ban which will see you needing to make a new account to use on PSN and losing all your progress and trophies in the process or you might get and out and out console ban.

The reasons people get banned online are varied but something that most console banned people are guilty of is running cheats with online games such as BLOPS2 and MW3.  Both these games have inbuilt spyware and complex cheat catching systems and they are quick to ban.

So for the average user wanting know how to jailbreak a ps3 the risk of a ban will be minimal.  Its only when they progress to the next level of ps3 hacking and try cheating that the ban will come.

Stay safe online - say no to cheats :)

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