Friday, 14 June 2013

How to Jailbreak PS3 with minimal risk.

Many owners worry about the risks involved when learning How to Jailbreak PS3 firmware to install backup managers but in most cases the actual risk with this step is not the one they should be worried about.  To perform a successful PS3 Jailbreak with 4.41 firmware or earlier the process is these days no more complicated than the official update process from USB.  The USB stick needs to be formatted to FAT32 with a folder "PS3" created in its root folder.  Inside the PS3 folder another should be made and named "UPDATE".  It is inside this update folder that you should place the jailbreak/CFW PUP file.  If this PUP file is not properly signed then the PS3 will not even recognize it so there is no danger of installing something that is fake or not working.  Once you have the PUP file in the correct folder choose System Update from USB on the PS3's XMB and your away.

After a little while you will have your newly jailbroken console with the 'Install packages' menu.  Packages are the PS3's install files for apps.  You find them with a PKG file extension.  Place them on your USB stick and choose 'install packages'

This is where some people will run into problems.  Since firmware 3.56 and above Sony can acivly scan a PS3's hard disk remotely when connected to PSN for any unauthorized programs that might be installed.  This means they can quite easily see if a console is hacked or not by finding the existence of the Multiman backup manager files for example.

So a good line of defence for this is to use a FTP program such as OpenFTP for the PS3 and connect and rename the Multiman folder so that it looks just like any other game install.  Multiman stealth can do a similar thing but with that everyone is using the same faked name so In time multiman will be detected.  So make one up for yourself.

The other big problem is account and console bans.  Account bans are common so it is wise to create a new user account and PSN account on the PS3 for the use of Custom Firmware only.  So keeping your original one safe from a ban.

Console bans are more serious but usually reserved for people caught cheating in games.  Many people who went online with a pirate copy of BLOPS2 received console bans recently.  From time to time there will be released a PS3 Unban PKG that will temporarily overwrite your consoleID with one that has not been black listed.  Of course again with this everyone using the same console ID will lead to it being blacklisted much quicker.  A better solution is to have your console spoof an ID that only you are using.  These valid ID's can be extracted from other unbanned consoles without even needing to the Jailbreak PS3 hardware.

To summarize:
  • Use a separate PSN/SEN account when on CFW
  • Rename Multiman folder to look non suspicious
  • Do not cheat in online games.
For a complete archive of all PKG's visit the Brewology site.