Monday, 17 February 2014

A little OT for this blog but there has been a lot of talk on forums over the last few weeks regarding a working PS4 jailbreak so I though we should clear a couple of points up and debunk a few myths and rumors. We all know about jailbreaking PS3's I mean thats why your hear reading this block it is of course not maybe something that appeals to everyone. There are others though that will decide which of the next generation consoles to go with based entirely on its likelyhood of being hacked. When the Playstation 3 was released much was made of the consoles resitance to being hacked but this all went out of the window once a simple method was made public. The method that did eventually surface was so easy that many gamers found themselves hacking a console for the first time. As we now move into the Playstation 4's life cycle this question is on many peoples lips. How long until there is a jailbreak or hack for the PS4? Then there are people who have already made claims that they have hacked the console and can run pirate games off it. The official line for wanting to hack a console is to gain the ability to run homebrew type applications and that piracy is a side issue. The majority of jailbreakers of course are only interested in playing the latest games for free on their consoles. At this early stage it does seem that any PS4 hack that does come out will not be as simple to execute as the one for the PS4. But of course that could change over night. Sony are simply crazy to think that someone will not figure out a somewhat simple solution to get into the Playstation 4 and mess around with is insides. Once the jailbreak does happen everyone will be waiting for Sony's response as last time there was a few high profile lawsuits that scared many of the hackers underground. The PS4 is winning this generation at the moment and a working jailbreak will shift a lot more consoles off the shelves than any new high profile game release.