Sunday, 12 August 2012

New PS3 CFW Released?

No-one could have missed the recent leak of the 3.60 public keys used by Sony to sign their software.  Even those who were busy getting to know the initial switching process between CEX and DEX could not have failed to notice.  Now we could decrypt eboots for games signed with the 3.60 keys and re encrypt them once more using the known 3.55 keys thus enabling their play on the original custom firmware of more than a year ago.  However one dev, Rogero who has been around on the PS3 scene since the early days and responsible for one of the first CFW releases back in that January that everything exploded, has been looking at the possibilities of actually injecting the new keys into the old custom firmware.  The good news is that he seems to have been successfull so a new release of PS3 Jailbreak or CFW is soon to be right around the corner.

Video from youtube detailing the process of running backups on 4.20 firmware using multiman by deank

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