Sunday, 26 February 2012

PS3 jailbreak 4.11 - How to Jailbreak PS3?

How to Jailbreak PS3 - Easy and simple Ways to Jailbreak PS3 4.11
Before you learn how to jailbreak PS3 4.11, you should know everything that it exactly signifies for both you and your game playing experience. This is fundamentally a file manager application that allows anyone to run most of the homebrew Playstation 3 games. The software also permits you to generate backups of your own game to any usb drive this eliminates the need of trying to keep the game disk on hand all of the time. This amazing software essentially helps you bypass the protection hindrance by a miniscule exploit in Usb storage devices thereby helping you to execute certain limitation keys. This is a exciting option to take and helps anyone cheat your way straight to the head of the list of accomplishments.
ps3 jailbreak 4.11
There are various ways whereby you can carry out how to jailbreak PS3; the only thing to ensure is always that the Playstation 3 firmware is 4.11 as this is the most existing version. Right now follow the instructions outlined down the page and you will properly jailbreak PS3 4.21
Before downloading the software, ensure that it is the updated version by hitting the tab ‘check update.’ As soon as this is done, you could start the actual download and install process for your launcher file holder. Right after finishing the download procedure, the next phase is to be able to connect a USB device in to the laptop or even PC. A new directory titled Playstation 3 will be created within the root of your USB drive which has been attached to the machine. What you should do after that should be to create one more directory titled ‘Update’ within the PS3 folder. The next step that has to be carried out is to obtain PS3 Jailbreak 4.11. And once your download process is finished, your Flash device needs to be pulled from the system after which it attached to the Ps3 gaming console.
The next phase in the operation of how to jailbreak PS3 should be to proceed to the tab called ‘settings’. You then need to select system update option after which you have to make the choice of pressing update via storage media. In seconds, you will observe some text displaying ‘found version 4.11-jb’; click ‘ok’ after which go on to the next phase. The actual terms and conditions will likely then be displayed which will are required to read and after that accepted after which you can install update. It takes about 60 seconds or so for the Playstation 3 system to be updated and once this procedure is complete, you will can hear four beeps and then the system turns off.
Once the console has shut down, you now need to power it up again but just remember to do this on the system and not on the game controller. This is all that is needed to jailbreak your PS3. This process is quite exciting for any gaming nut and certainly one that you must share with your other gaming friends too. Learning how to jailbreak a PS3 is reasonably uncomplicated nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that the procedure may differ somewhat with various versions and software versions.

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